I am a PhD candidate at the University of Maine studying pollination landscape ecology. My dissertation focuses on wild bees in Maine wild blueberry and other specialty crops in the northeast United States. My research examines:

  • wild bee community assemblages across landscapes of varying heterogeneity
  • landscape-scale model accuracy across landscapes of varying heterogeneity
  • effects of pesticides on wild bees at the landscape scale
  • lowbush wild blueberry as a mass flowering crop for wild bees
  • power line rights-of-way as wild bee habitat
  • translation of landscape-scale model output to crop growers

While my research is rooted in the provision of an ecosystem service by wild bees, I believe bees should be valued not only for their contribution to pollination, but also for their existence as a diverse and historically resilient group of animals. Bees face many threats, and I aim to spend my career working to ease pressure on wild bees and educating others on how they can help.

Here’s a video describing my research:


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